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SL (5/15/2013): The Star Legends Stat Calculator is now live, and running well! Thank you to the instructors at CSCI-E12 for all the knowledge and assistance throughout the semester, I learned quite a bit! (If anyone would like to help out with the SL stat calculator, please add in as many items as you can to the item database via the link in the right hand side of the navbar on the SL stat calculator page!).

SITE (11/30/2012): Site refinished, new home page!

PL (11/30/2012): MAJOR UPDATE: The PL Stat Calculator has now been updated to the all new and amazing interface and feature set that was created for the Arcane Legends version! Features include:
1. Add your own items to the database if were missing something!
2. Support for rings
3. Now fully compatible with any screen size, any device. Mobile ready with support for both iOS and Android.
4. Optimized - Overall the entire application is much much faster, and puts less stress on the server by utilizing data transfer through Json objects instead of server side calculations etc.
5. The choose a character tab can now be brought up again later on without having to refresh the page!

AL (11/29/2012) LAUNCHED: A week and a half and one thousand and seven lines of code later, I am delighted to announce the launch of the AL Stat Calculator!

The AL Stat Calculator is a revamped version of the PL one (recoded from the ground up for speed, ease of use and easy deployment for other STS games).
1. It allows you to "try items before you buy items", essentially letting you see what your characters stats would look like when wearing a certain set of items.
2. Item information - the ability to view item information on the spot (you can also assist us in building the AL Item Database).
3. The entire utility has been optimized for use on any screen size, any device - iOS, and Android included!
3. More later on (Builds database planned)!